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Psalm 66:1-2
Let all the earth cry out to God with joy; praise the glory of his name; proclaim his glorious praise, alleluia.
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April 2014 Mass Server Schedule

Saturday, April 5 5:00 PM Edith Boucher Cindy Branca  (I) Andy Woodbine
      Danielle Woodbine  (P)  
Sunday, April 6 7:30 AM Charlie Healey Sally Connors Jose Lamendola
  9:30 AM Marybeth Merrill Mary Beth Adams (I) Maddey Francoeur
      Ellen Polo  (P)  
  11:30 AM Giovanne Calenda Norman Laliberte  (I) Shanti Mechery
      Mary Calenda  (P)  
Saturday, April 12 5:00 PM Maggie Watson Howie Watson  (I) Nickalanna Cerullo
      Alexander Calenda  (I)  
Sunday, April 13  7:30 AM Tom Sanford Agnes Iadevaia Connie Anderson
  9:30 AM Pat Pothier Paul Pothier  (I) Maddey Francoeur
      Nancy Pinto  (P)  
  11:30 AM Deb Woodward Norman Laliberte  (I) Sydney Moore
      Priscilla Whitehead  (P)  
Saturday, April 19 8:00 PM Deacon Baker Alexander Calenda   Andy Woodbine
      Mary Beth Adams Jose Lamendola
      Danielle Woodbine Steven Shushtari
Sunday, April 20 7:30 AM Chris Wood Al Ricci Connie Anderson
    Tom Sanford    
    Connie Anderson    
  9:30 AM Marybeth Merrill Bob Meriill  (I) Chris Cox
    BA Christiansen Connie Anderson  (P)  
    Libby Moreau    
  11:30 AM Jeanne Warren Jim Sullivan  (I) Sydney Moore
    Jeff Shushtari Gail Doyle  (P)  
    Steve Shushtari    
Saturday, April 26 5:00 PM Lisa Loiselle Connie Anderson  (I) Andy Woodbine
    Trish McGunigal Danielle Woodbine  (P)  
    Cindy Reddy    
Sunday, April 27 7:30 AM Tom Sanford John Walsh Connie Anderson
    Chris Wood    
    John Baker    
  9:30 AM Pat Pothier Paul Pothier  (I) Chris Cox
    Cheryl Forden Bob Merrill  (P)  
    Candi Gerzevitz    
  11:30 AM Deb Woodward Norman Laliberte  (I) Shanti Mechery
    Giovanne Calenda Mary Calenda  (P)  
    Jeff Shushtari    
Please make requests for May by April 22.  Thank you.